Naturally calm THERAPY

What you practise grows stronger

The goal is not to be better than the other man
but your previous self.


Working in conjunction with BrainSET Naturally Calm Therapy has meditation downloads as well as a 6 week mindfulness and meditation course.

Are you struggling with issues of the brain related to strokes, epilepsy or tumours? The anxiety from these major life changes, illness, worry or self care? There comes a time when help is needed from the professionals to cope with many of these lifes challenges. Knowing where to find all this help can be like a spiders web. 

We are here to show you in just one place where to find the right sources of help and to find ways of living with these changes in your life.







Will help to get all the help you need associated with seizures, epilepsy & brain tumours.

All in one easy to use place 



These sessions once purchased and downloaded are yours to keep. They can be used on any device and listened to as many times as you like.

They are created to help you to find your space to relax and find calmness and tranquillity in your own time.

What will be included in the BrainSET app

Information on types of brain tumour and epilepsy

Help with finances

Councelling and support

Vitamins, minerals, food and recipes with nutritionists and chefs

Fitness with qualified instructors

Mindset, meditation and mindfulness



Visit the blog to get information, hear interviews with podcasts and see others living with the same brain issues as you. See what’s going on in the life of new normal, The things that we use and some of the companies and organisations that we can rely on.

The madness of my head.

Normal life dashed by the discovery of a brain tumour.